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Sushi tuna mayo
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Sushi tuna mayo

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Bahan - bahan Sushi tuna mayo

1 mangkok nasi panas
secukupnya garam
1/2 sendok teh cuka
1 sendok makan wijen sangrai, kalo gak ada gak apa apa gak pakai isian: wortel potong panjang,buncis potong panjang rebus sebentar biar masih kriuk potong panjang ketimun sesuai selera ikan tuna atau sosis nori mayones

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Resep Sushi tuna mayo

  • Serves 3
  • Medium


Cara Membuat Sushi tuna mayo

Sushi tuna mayo

Specials. Your new favorite sushi bar in Tampa, Oldsmar, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, and all of Tampa Bay. Sushi Happy Hour 5-7pm Mon-Fri. For Dine In Only.Sushi Links offers links to the best sushi recipes, sushi tips, and sushi supplies on the Internet, as well as restaurants in Montreal..Our Albacore Tuna Shiro Maguro Hook and Line Caught in the Pacific Ocean MSC Certified - the Only Sustainable Sushi Grade Albacore on the Market.An exciting and suprisingly easy way to enjoy sushi at home, this spicy tuna roll combines basic ingredients like canned tuna and mayonnaise into an exciting Asian .



Cara buatnya Pertama, nasi ,garam,cuka,wijen di aduk hingga bahan benar-benar tercampur rata. 2. siapkan kertas minyak atau plastik. taruh nasi di atas kertas minyak atau plastik seukuran nori agak dipadatkan atau tekan 3. ratakan mayones diatas nasi .taruh nori di atas mayo. 4. susun isian diatas nori beri mayones.gulung sambil di padatkan.potong-potong .jadi deh sushinya

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